Sri Lanka Lotus Television Tower Project Management Team delivers Warmth to the Victims of Floods

Because of extreme weather in Sri Lanka since May, landslides and floods have caused serious property damage and casualties. In 24th May, the CEIEC lotus tower project management team purchased relief supplies, including food, hygiene products, medicines and stationery etc., and delivered these supplies to the grave disaster areas such as Wallampitiya, Kelaniya and Malwana, trying their best to offer assistance to the victims.
The mercifulness of the team has been highly appreciated by the supervision team and the project owner. They expressed that the act has fully demonstrated the willingness of CEIEC to fulfill the social responsibility. The recipients of donation were very grateful to the responsiveness and generosity of CEIEC. They appreciated the timely help and the profound friendship from China. 


06 / 24 / 2016